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Posted on 2007.09.06 at 01:14
hmm its been a while.
max gave me this new/old camera. i really wanted a manual advance, but this one's fine. it's a canon, and canons are nice. i'm really in the mood to write a short story, but i'm not really sure where to begin right now. i have great character ideas, but no story yet. the usual. school starting again is strange, especially without ren and jb, but i guess i'll get used to it. i at least wish william and franko and those guys were on campus, because their room was always nice to hang out in, but i guess they're not too far. meeting people the first night was fun and easy, but now people seem to be hiding, and all echo, lindsay and i want to do is make new friends. i'd say i made a good solid 4-6 friends since i've been here, which is ok considering i've only been here 4 days. i have a package of clothes i have to pick up at the apt, but i really have no desire to go back to the city ever. and i have a horrible spider bite on my ankle that keeps me awake at night. so i lie in bed and listen to neil halstead and try to sleep, but usually just end up thinking instead. on the bright side, classes look amazing (if i get the ones i want), and my room is amazing (because its big and nicely decorated by me), and fleming is coming to visit in a week or so, and jb will come in november and december, and ren will come back for good in january, and maybe we'll go to montreal in october. who knows. sometimes this campus is lonely at night, but things just need to get goin.

Posted on 2007.08.19 at 02:49
the west coast has been a mixture of things. of high school friends, recently departed college friends, best friends, and grown-up friends. it's been boba and painting my room purple and the last waltz cd. it's been hour and a half talks with william and being excited about school starting and planning trips to montreal. there was oregon and santa barbara and going places i've never been. it's been a lot of confusion and fights and passive aggressive e-mails. a lot of sibling time, and bro bro bonding, and feast from the east. jeff's house and hankin's house and cups of wine and beerz. rearranging and replanning and rethinking. a lot of running on no sleep, and running on too much sleep, and sleeping during the day. and mostly a lot of driving with my ipod hooked up into the cassette player, pretending not to notice the traffic at 3:30 in the afternoon. before i got here 3 weeks sounded so long, but it went by so quickly i feel like i have so many things i forgot to do.

Posted on 2007.08.07 at 11:45
painting my room. maybe purple. maybe green. maybe an accent wall. echo taught me that phrase. i threw out everything on my walls..my posters..my pictures. the paint behind them is darker because they've been there for so long. it's gross. i wish more people were home. i'm starting to sort of like it here. not enough to live here, but enough to hang out here sometimes. i've decided i'm going to go to grad school i think. i'd like to live in new york or san fran for another few years and just hang out before i have to figure out what to do with myself. marisa asked me if i wanted to go to europe next summer for a month. i think i'd like to do that too.

i'm really ready for oregon. i'm really really ready. i want to leave today, but i have to wait til thursday. i'm in a rut, and need some ren n lindsay time. guuuuuuuurls. i think maybe i'll live in portland for the rest of my life. if not ny or sf. or maybe chicago. i guess i need a job first, then a plan.

next year since jb isn't living upstairs, i'm going to set up a cot in the upstairs hallway for lindsay so i have someone to talk to before i fall asleep.

Posted on 2007.08.02 at 00:29
i'm not really sure where my home is.


so great.

Posted on 2007.08.01 at 17:15


we throw parties, you throw knives

Posted on 2007.08.01 at 05:46
it's 5:46am. i haven't slept. i'm in the airport waiting another half hour for my flight to board. i'm only going to LA for 3 weeks or so, but that was by far the best last day/night i could have spent in new york city. echo, trevor, sami, balin, fleming picnic in central park.....cheeseless pizza and jamba juices...rob schneider made a brief appearance (topless, i might add)...dinner at soho park with evan....cherry cola and burgers and onion rings...pinkberry dessert (why do i hate that i love pinkberry?)....movie marathon...awake all night with cups of coke and a bowl of popcorn. so good. all so good.

this summer was kind of amazing. sure, there were times when i wanted to just get out of the city, but once i got settled in, i can definitely say it was one of the best summers i've had. my animation class was incredible, and in it i really believe i made one of the best things i've ever made, finally something i'm happy with....playing house for 2.5 months was pretty damn fun, lying around in central park all the time, accidentally walking all the way to ground zero with fleming, weird trips back to slc for bbqs and parties and no reason, making a lot of new friends, becoming closer with old friends, learning new york city....i don't have a flight back to nyc yet. i almost wrote "i don't have a flight back home yet." prophetic, maybe. i can't believe school's going to start soon. and ren won't be there, and jb won't be there. it'll be different, but good i think. i thought sophomore year was going to be one of the worst years of my life, and it turned into one of the very best.

alright, i'm boarding in a few minutes. this post feels scattered, but i feel delirious from lack of sleep. goodnight.


it's been real.

Posted on 2007.07.26 at 15:34
goodbye nyc

hello los angeles

reasons LA might be good:
-family like my mom and bro bro will be there
-friends like jeffrey and damien and...that might be it. who else is home? marisa, you there?
-so much food like in n out, feast from the east, orso, il tram, and bay cities.
-trips to santa barbara to see jb, and oregon to see ren and lindsay.
-lying by jeffrey's pool and eating chips and salsa.
-the dollar sale on sunday mornings which i always say i'll go to and rarely wake up for.

that might be it. then i'll be back and school will start, and things will get wheirrrd.

oh yeah, and bunski will be in LA, so a lot of trips to coffee bean i guess.


things i've done lately

Posted on 2007.07.15 at 23:52

-spent the day with brittany, zosia, and amy in soho and nolita getting food at soho park and looking at clothes. then we went to watch the "slow dancing" (see above) at lincoln center, a set of 3 video installations projected on giant screens outdoors- 1,000 photos were taken per second of dancers, and then the images were slowed down, making someone's 5 second dance performance roughly 10 minutes. it was cool.
-jessica came to town, and i showed her around, took her to soho and midtown, and she took me to the hamptons to visit her really cool relatives, and i got really big bug bites from mosquitos and biting flies
-had big nicks with balin and fleming
-had lunch today with evan and kivi...thai food and thai iced tea
-went to coney island with balin and fleming last week, went on a roller coaster and beached it

new york is fun, but la might be fun too, and if not, i will be back in ny asap. this weekend a lot of jessica's relatives asked me what i wanted to do with my life. i showed them my latest animation video, but didn't really know how to answer that question.

Posted on 2007.07.04 at 01:54
holy shit. blindness by saramago was so fucking good. i need a moment to recover before starting immortality by kundera. i've joined the noah fuller book club. on another note, if anyone wants to buy me a gift for any reason:

i went to alex's apt last night and we watched an episode while eating a burrito and drinking beers on his floor. i felt like i was back at school, and planet earth is now my favorite show.

signing off.


all done with animation class.

Posted on 2007.06.21 at 22:38

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